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      1. 广东台翰深孔钻厂家专业定制生产数控深孔钻、深孔钻机床、全自动钻孔机、立式深孔钻等深小孔加工设备,欢迎来电咨询合作!

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        D R O D U C T FEA TU R ES

        备注:本公司的产品在不断研发与完善中,随着研发成果的不断突破。上述参数会有所变动,恕不能及时更新手册。机床采用独特的横梁、床身一体技术。 龙门式高刚性结构。确保机械长期高精度与使用寿命, 抗震性强。三轴采用进口高精度直线导轨和浪珠丝杆,耐磨、摩擦系数小 ,具有较高的定位精度和灵活性,运动平稳的特点。采用日本N SK 轴承及进口连轴器。高速、高扭力、高精度电主轴, 可满足高速加工需求及精度保证;  可实现小型精密模具及零件高速铣削、加工精度高、震动小、噪音低。

        控制系统采用台湾新代、宝元高速数控系统, 易学易用, 易于掌握。驱动系统采用日本安川、日本山洋交流驱动伺服系统, 运行平稳, 加速性能优越噪音小, 控制精度高。

        The m achine tool adopts the unique technology of integration of cross beam and bed. G antry type high steel structure. Ensure long- term high accuracy and service life of  m achinery,  strong seism ic resistance.The three axes adopt  im ported high precision linear  guide rail  and w ave ball  screw ,  w hich has the characteristics of  w ear  resistance,sm all  friction coefficient,  high positioning accuracy and flexibility,  and sm ooth m ovem ent.It  adopts Japanese N SK bearing and im ported coupling.H igh speed,  high torsion and high precision m otorized spindle can m eet the needs of high speed m achining and guarantee the accuracy.It  can realize high speed w ashing of  sm all  precision dies and parts,  high processing accuracy,  low vibration and noise.The control  system adopts Taiw an's new generation and B aoyuan high- speed C N C system ,  w hich is easy to learn,  use and m aster.

        The drive system adopts A C drive servo system of  A nkaw a and Yam ayo in Japan,  w hich runs sm oothly,  has superior  acceleration perform ance,  low noise and high control  precision